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How to level up your gaming with the right controller

Upgrade your controller. Change the game.


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The right controller can be the crucial difference between staying in the game and early elimination. Looking to get the best out of your favourite titles? Keep reading…

What’s the best controller for PC gaming?

To put it simply, you have three options – the classic keyboard/mouse combo, a console-style controller, or game-specific controllers like a steering wheel or joystick.

So let’s weigh the options up:

Gaming with a keyboard and a mouse

Predictably, using a proper gaming keyboard and mouse gives you the most in-game options. You can assign functions to keys and adjust controls depending on what you’re playing. So, if you’re comfortable playing on a keyboard (some console gamers prefer a controller) then you’ll be getting lightning-fast response times. Delay? Never heard of it.

Gaming with a joystick

Racing. Flying. Farming? Sometimes having a set up that matches your in-game controls is the superior option. When you’re drifting around corners, sometimes a wheel is your best bet. So if simulation games are your sort of thing – switch into manual with a dedicated joystick or controller.

Can I use my console controller on PC?

You sure can. Xbox and PC are cross-compatible in most ways – thanks Microsoft! To connect your Xbox controller to your PC, simply plug it in using a USB port or go wireless with Bluetooth. Easy.

It’s exactly the same for PC gaming with a PS4 or PS5 controller – plug in the cable to a USB port or connect wirelessly using Bluetooth.

This is a great solution for people who are used to the button layout of a console controller but want to dabble in PC gaming for the first time. But if you’re serious about winning, PC gamers the world over will tell you that a keyboard and mouse is faster.

But… what about Mac?

It’s possible to connect your Xbox and PlayStation controllers to an iPad or Mac, but as with most things that aren’t made by Apple, you’ll probably need an adapter. Console controllers plug into a standard USB-A port (the traditional chunky one). If your Mac only has a USB-C port, you’ll need a USB-A to USB-C connector.

Which console controller should I use?

Prefer console gaming? These are our top picks for getting that podium finish:

PlayStation gamers…

You can’t go wrong with the iconic PS5 DualSense. It has upgraded triggers and gives you realistic feedback on everything you’re doing. You get one in the box when you buy a PS5, but if you want to have your friends over for a FIFA marathon, you’ll want to pick up a second controller.

Can you use a PS4 controller on PS5?

Yep (but only on PS4 games). If you have a PS5, you can still use your old controllers when you’re playing PS4 games with your friends, but if you’re playing a PS5 game, you’ll need to use the DualSense.

Xbox gamers…

If you’re a die-hard Xbox player, you already know how good the Xbox controller is. But if you want to get the absolute best out of your game, you want the Elite Series 2. You can customise the D-pad, triggers and thumbsticks to suit how you play.

Mobile gamers…

It used to be that mobile gaming was just Fruit Ninja and Candy Crush. But not now - there are loads of ‘proper’ games like Football Manager and Minecraft. But how can you improve your mobile gaming with controllers? It’s simple – the Razer Kishi.

The Kishi Gamepad attaches to your phone to give you the classic controls and buttons that you’d expect from a PS5 or Xbox controller. Annoying touchscreen controls? Not anymore.

Picked the perfect controller? No worries if not, you can always chat to an expert in-store or on a video call with ShopLive.

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