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Nintendo Direct June 2024 highlights

New Metroid, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda games are on the way — and much more!


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Last week's Nintendo Direct presentation did not disappoint. While Nintendo remained tight-lipped on their rumoured next-gen console, they treated us to loads of previews for upcoming Switch games. And they're featuring all our favourite protagonists, from Mario and Luigi to Samus and even Princess Zelda.

Let's get straight into the most exciting Nintendo Direct announcements from the June 2024 showcase, kicking off with the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter and her next big mission...

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

Samus Aran will return in 2025 in the long-anticipated Metroid Prime 4: Beyond — first announced all the way back at 2017's E3. And you won't be side-scrolling your way through the dangerous subterranean levels of Planet ZDR this time around (although Metroid Dread was very good!)

No, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond looks like the kind of Metroid game fans really love — an immersive first-person shooter with a banging, sci-fi soundtrack! And judging by the short trailer, you'll have to blast away Space Pirates who've infiltrated a Galactic Federation research facility on a distant world. And sinister Sylux looks like he's behind it all — the dangerous bounty hunter who appeared in the last two Metroid Prime titles.

The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

You won't have to wait until 2025 to play the next game in the long running The Legend of Zelda series. That's because Echoes of Wisdom — one of the most surprising announcements from Nintendo Direct 2024 — will be coming to the Switch as soon as 26 September.

And Link won't be the main protagonist in this new game. It'll be the titular character herself, Princess Zelda, taking on the lead role — on a quest to find Link and other Hyruleans who've been stolen away by strange rifts that have appeared all over her kingdom.

You'll have to team up with a mysterious fairy called Tri and use the powerful Tri Rod to create echoes. In Nintendo's words, "imitations of things found in the environment" which you can recreate to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Like water blocks to reach new heights and rocks you can throw at foes.

A Hyrule Edition Nintendo Switch Lite will be released on the same day as the game too, featuring a gorgeous gold finish with the Hylian Crest on the back of the console.

Super Mario Party Jamboree

110 super-fun minigames and all your favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters are making their way to the Nintendo Switch in a new game this autumn. That's right, it's the next entry in the Mario Party franchise — Super Mario Party Jamboree!

Set on an enormous sunny island resort, this upcoming Mario game will have you forgetting all about the colder weather when it's released on 17 October 2024. Collect stars across seven massive boards and compete against your family and friends in crazy minigames that range from motion-control minigolf to action-packed speed trials.

And for even more fun, there's an online Koopathlon mode that’ll let you play against up to a whopping 20 players. Old-school Mario Party mega fans will get their kicks too, as two of the seven playable boards are from the earliest N64 games. It's the biggest Mario Party game to date, and we can't wait to play it.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership

The world’s most famous Italian plumbers are reuniting for another RPG adventure on 7 November 2024 in Mario & Luigi: Brothership. And it'll be all hands on deck in this caper, with the pair setting sail on an island-hopping journey across the high seas of Concordia.

You'll be taking command of Shipshape Island — the siblings' part-island, part-ship — visiting bustling cities and vast tropical rainforests. The bros aren’t the best at mooring the vessel though, so you’ll have to launch them out of Shipshape’s cannon to set foot on Concordia’s many islands!

They’re filled with obstacles to jump over and foes that’ll need taking down a peg or two in turn-based combat. Mario and Luigi’s brotherly bond is the key to success in this game, but when the going gets tough, it looks like a few new and familiar friends will lend a helping hand on their quest.

Donkey Kong Country Returns HD

If you're a huge fan of Donkey Kong Country games, you can kick off 2025 in style with this high-definition remake of the much-loved 2010 platformer Donkey Kong Country Returns. Launching on 16 January next year, Donkey Kong Country Returns HD brings 2-player local co-op, all 80 levels and nine worlds from the original Wii game, plus the extra stages you could play on the 3DS version to the Switch.

It's not just for players of the 2010 game looking for a nostalgia trip though. If you're a newcomer, this stunning side-scroller will have you playing for hours on end stomping enemies, blasting through barrels, and riding rockets as Donkey and Diddy Kong. Their huge stash of bananas has been stolen by the troublesome Tiki Tak Tribe, so you've got to recover them all before they get eaten!

Nintendo Switch Sports Basketball

Got Nintendo Switch Sports? You're in luck, as Nintendo are adding basketball via a free update this summer! You'll get to dribble, pass, and shoot hoops in two-on-two matches using motion controls — in local play, or by teaming up with players worldwide in online multiplayer.

That's not all though. You can try and score as many baskets as you can within a tight time limit in the solo three-point challenge. Or face off against four players in the multiplayer five-streak battle mode.


What is Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo Direct is a pre-recorded online video presentation where Nintendo showcase trailers, gameplay footage, and announcements for upcoming games, hardware, and events. These presentations are always highly anticipated by Nintendo fans and can last anywhere between 25-50 minutes depending on just how much stuff they're announcing.

How often do Nintendo Directs happen?

The frequency of these presentations can vary depending on Nintendo’s schedule. But there are usually around two or three Nintendo Directs a year, with some smaller presentations or announcements in between — like Pokémon Presents (featuring updates on Pokémon games) and Indie World (showcasing indie games for Nintendo consoles).

When was the first ever Nintendo Direct?

The first ever Nintendo Direct was held on 21 October 2011. During this online video announcement, Nintendo's then-President, Satoru Iwata, discussed upcoming releases for the 3DS and Wii consoles.

How do I pre-order new Nintendo Direct games?

We’d recommend bookmarking our upcoming games page to stay in the loop. It’s the best place to find out about the latest titles and pre-order them so you can play them on launch day. Don’t forget about our Nintendo news section here on TechTalk too!

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