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Star Wars Outlaws game release date, news & gameplay

We check out Ubisoft’s latest tour de force…


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Forget lightsabers. Forget the battle between Jedi and Sith. Instead, Star Wars Outlaws takes you into the galaxy’s grimy criminal underworld. So, if you’ve always fancied unleashing your inner Han Solo, this one’s definitely for you.

Set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, you play as Kay Vess – a scoundrel searching for a huge payday that’ll help her leave the life of crime behind. With your trusty sidekick Nix, you’ll talk, shoot, and steal your way across the Outer Rim. But with a price on your head and a boatload of baddies who’ll stab you in the back for a quick buck, you’ll have to be careful.

To get you prepped for the big heist, we’ve rounded up all the key info we can get our hands on. From the release date and pre-order info to the space dogfights, open-world exploration and more.

Star Wars Outlaws release date

Star Wars Outlaws blasts its way onto PC and consoles on August 30, 2024.

But, if you’ve spent a few extra credits on any of the special editions, you’ll be able to jump into the action three days early on August 27.

How much will Star Wars Outlaws cost?

That depends which edition you end up going for. The base game will cost you £69.99, while the Gold Edition (£104.99) and Ultimate Edition (£119.99) will set you back a few more quid.

You’ll get more bang for your buck with those special versions though. They’re packed full of extra goodies, from new cosmetics for Kay, to special expansions coming just after launch. It sounds like you’ll be doing a few odd jobs for Jabba The Hutt himself in those add-ons. If you’re willing to take the risk that is…

Can I pre-order Star Wars Outlaws?

Absolutely. And if you do, you’ll unlock the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack at no extra cost.

It comes with a shiny new paintjob for your ship – The Trailblazer – and a fresh look for your speeder bike. Your enemies will flee in fear when they see that legendary design bearing down on them!

Star Wars Outlaws platforms

You’ll be able to grab your copy of the game for PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X or Series S. If you’re on Switch though, you’re going to miss out on this galactic adventure. Sorry Nintendo players.

How to play Star Wars Outlaws

If you can believe it, this is the first open-world Star Wars game ever made. And from what we’ve seen so far, it’s looking like a pretty big deal – with a whole bunch of planets and cities to explore. Including old favourites and territories we’ve never seen in the films or shows before. Exciting stuff.

You’ll work with (or against) various syndicates on high-stakes missions – whether that’s sneaking into secret bases or stealing valuable goods from another gang. And every decision you make matters. With dialogue choices, you’ll shape your story. Do you bribe an official to let you go, or try and talk your way out of trouble instead? It’s all up to you.

This all feeds into the Reputation and Wanted systems. If you carry out a few perfect contracts for one group, you’ll get cheaper prices in shops, better paid jobs, and access to brand new locations. On the other hand, if you mess up their rivals’ operation, you’ll go straight to the top of their most wanted list – and could find a bounty hunter hot on your tail.

That’s where the combat comes in. In third person, you’ll fight with pistols, heavy blasters and even your fists if you’re in a pinch. Run out of ammo? Stay cool. Send Nix to grab another weapon for you and carry on shooting.

And when the odds look overwhelming and you need to make a quick getaway, just hop on your speeder. Be warned though, your enemies won’t let you get away with the loot that easily. Meaning you’ll probably end up in a high-speed chase or two. Hold on tight!

You’re not completely safe whenever you escape from a planet either. When you’re in command of your ship, you’ll engage in dogfights with space pirates and Empire forces. So, if you want to get your illegal cargo out in one piece, you better make sure your evasion skills are on point.

How many hours of gameplay will Star Wars Outlaws have?

We don’t have an exact number to go off just yet. But we do know that Outlaws is another one of those huge Ubisoft games. So, there’s going to be plenty of side missions to complete, goods to smuggle, secrets to find and mysterious planets to visit. Add that to the main story, and you’re easily going to be thieving your way from system to system for at least 30+ hours.

Who are the main characters?

Star Wars Outlaws is full of crazy looking aliens, deadly bounty hunters and scheming villains. And being on the wrong side of the law, you’re going to come across plenty of those. Here are just a few of the rogues you’ll meet while you whizz across the galaxy…

  • Kay Vess – Our hero of the game, Kay is a young thief from Canto Bight. And she’s searching far and wide for one final score that’s going to set her up for life.

  • Nix –Kay’s best mate since she was a kid, this friendly little alien has been her partner in crime ever since.

  • ND-5 – It wouldn’t be a proper Star Wars game without a droid, would it? And ND-5 is a Commando droid you don’t want to mess with. They’ve worked as a personal enforcer for various criminal groups and have now teamed up with Kay and Nix. We’re pretty jealous of their snazzy trench coat…

  • Jaylen Vrax – If you need a gunrunner, Jaylen’s your man. This master criminal has been running heists for years now and knows how to sneak past any Imperial blockade.

  • Sliro – You don’t want to double cross him. The leader of the Zerek Besh crime syndicate has eyes and ears on every planet. So, if you do plan to betray him, you better watch your back.

Will Star Wars Outlaws have a multiplayer mode?

This is a single-player game, so you won’t be able to join forces with a mate unfortunately. But don’t worry, you won’t be completely on your own out there. Nix and ND-5 will join you on your journey – and both bring a unique set of skills to the table that’ll definitely come in handy. Especially when you find yourself in the middle of a scrap!

What Star Wars Outlaws features are player customisable?

You can’t be a proper space outlaw without a wardrobe of cool threads. Luckily, Kay can equip a bunch of different outfits, letting you carry out your crimes in style. You’ll be able to tweak your blaster too, adding special modules that’ll give you a bit of extra firepower during those hectic shootouts. And boy are you going to need it.

That same level of customisation goes for your ship and speeder too. By upgrading and improving them, you’ll go faster, be able to take more damage and dish out plenty more hurt yourself. Nice.

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