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How to trade-in your old electronics

Turn your old tech into money off something new!


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Do you have boxes full of old tech? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your mobile but you’re hoping to save some money? This is where trade-in really pays off. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get an instant estimate on how much your old tech is worth. And how that can be turned into money off when you buying something new.

The good news is that we’ll consider anything for trade-in - even if it’s not working properly. Plus, when you trade-in electronics, it means that your old tech can be made useful again or recycled - so it doesn’t just end up on the scrapheap. Not only can you save money, but you’re doing something to reduce our impact on the environment too. It’s a win-win!

Trade your electronics in-store or online

You can trade-in from your sofa or in-store. If you bring in your tech to a local store, we can assess its trade-in value there and then and hand over a gift card on the spot. Alternatively you get a quote and trade-in online. Once we have your tech and have assessed it, we’ll make a BACS payment. It’s up to you!

Come to a store for your trade-in and you can even lower the monthly payment on a purchase made through Your Plan flexible credit. So you can tech now, pay later too!

So, now you know what to do, let’s talk about all the different things you can trade-in:

Mobile phone trade in

We know you probably have old phones gathering dust. In fact, the average person has two old phones they’re not using anymore. And some of us have as many as four squirreled away!

Got your eye on that new phone? Looking to trade-in your mobile phone and make a saving? It’s easy. Just tell us the make, model and whether it’s working or not and we can give you an instant quote. Use the online form or pop in-store and you can save even more, with special offers and extra trade-in value on the hottest phones around.

Trade in laptops & computers

Old laptop slowing down? Looking for a nifty number for gaming on the go? We can take your old laptop away and then repair or recycle it. In exchange, you’ll get money off something new. Give our laptop trade-in a go and see how much you can save! We’ll take all kinds of computers and laptops, both old and new. We’ll do a high-level wipe of any laptop or computer you give us, so no need to worry about your old data. And there’s no long loading times - you can get an instant valuation in-store or online.

Tablet trade-in

Tablets are constantly evolving - whether that’s more powerful processors, better screens or the ability to use more demanding apps. So why not trade-in your old tablet and see how much you can save on something new? It doesn’t even have to be in perfect condition. Just so long as it powers on, its buttons still work, it hasn’t been modified and there isn’t significant damage. It can still be given a new life and you’ll get money off into the bargain.

Smartwatch trade-in

Smartwatches used to be able to count your steps and do a few other things. Now you can pay with them, track your sleep and even get health alerts too. So, if you feel like you’re missing out, a smart watch trade-in is a great move. Not only can you get trade-in value, there are also extra offers on brand new watches only available with trade-in. Count those savings!

Trade-in gaming consoles

Consoles are great. You can turn them on and get playing without having to worry about new hardware or optimising your settings to run a game. But after a few years, you might want to play the latest AAA game - and only the newest console can do it justice. And you don’t want a bad case of gaming FOMO! Just bring your eligible console in-store and we can give you a quote, no matter how dusty! With game console trade-in, we can make your overdue clear out more than worth your while.

Long live your tech!

There are loads of good reasons to take action and recycle your old tech. Here are a few statistics:

  • Only a third of UK adults recycle their unwanted electricals, and just 2% had them repaired.

  • The most commonly hoarded tech items in the UK include mobile phones (54%), cameras (49%), and speakers/headphones (40%).

  • UK households hoard an estimated 527 million unwanted electrical items, which if recycled could reduce carbon emissions equivalent to taking 1.3 million cars off the road.

  • Surprisingly, 21% of UK consumers don't know how to dispose of e-waste responsibly.

So that’s why we make it easy to recycle your tech and make it worth your while too! Find out more about our recycling campaign.

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