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In today’s modern home it’s important that we’re well connected. From tablets and TVs to smartphones and consoles, we rely on our internet connection for more than we may think. So it’s vital that we have a connection that’s fast, reliable and wide-reaching.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade, invest in the latest tech or want get the most out of your existing internet service, we’ve got a selection of hardware to get you going.

If you already know what you need, you can browse by type or search for specific brands, models or networking devices.

We understand the world of networking can be daunting, so we’ve put together an easy to read buying guide to get you started. Learn about the basics before buying or get a full breakdown, check out the FAQs or find out how to troubleshoot common problems.

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Whole Home WiFi

Whole Home WiFi

A strong and stable WiFi connection is essential for modern life. Everyone wants reliable WiFi access that will work without any intervention, because we’ve all experienced the pain of losing connectivity.

It’s easy to feel like you’re out of your depth if something starts to go wrong with your internet access. Networking upgrades can often seem daunting, but Whole Home WiFi couldn’t be easier to set up and use – the entire thing is done from an app.

Whole Home WiFi comes with WiFi roaming, so that you are always connected to the fastest signal available. As you move around the house, your device will automatically be transferred to the strongest WiFi connection – something routers and range extenders aren’t capable of.

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Whole Home WiFi

Introducing Whole Home WiFi

How it works

  • A Whole Home WiFi system is made up of multiple ‘units’, which need to be dotted around your home to spread fast and reliable WiFi wherever you are.
  • Setting up and controlling your Whole Home system couldn’t be easier – simply install the setup app on your smartphone or tablet and it will take you through every step.
  • Never lose WiFi access in your home, smart roaming features make sure you’ll always have the best connection no matter where you are in your home.

To learn more, check out our frequently asked questions about Whole Home Wi-Fi

Frequently asked questions about Whole Home WiFi

Where should I place the units?

One unit needs to sit next to your current router or modem so that you can plug the two together. Then the remaining units are placed around your home to create a network that will cover every room. Each unit in a Whole Home WiFi system has been designed to look great, so that you don’t have to worry about hiding it anywhere.

How is a Whole Home WiFi system better than a range extender?

Range extenders work by boosting your router’s WiFi signal to other parts of your house. As a result, two different WiFi names are created and you need to switch between them, which can often leave you connected to a slower connection even if a faster one is available. Whole Home systems make sure you’re always connected to the best speeds without any switchover needed.

Who would benefit from a Whole Home WiFi system?

Whole Home WiFi systems work with any broadband provider and can be connected to any existing router, including the one your service provider has given you. Whole Home works with the equipment you have so that you don’t have to replace your old system - all you have to do is connect any external devices (like phones and laptops) to your new WiFi connection. It’s best to delete the router’s WiFi so that you don’t accidentally connect to the old system.

Do Whole Home WiFi systems offer advanced configuration options?

For advanced and expert users, Whole Home WiFi systems allow you to adjust advanced options such as VPN, QoS, Dynamic DNS, DHCP and more.

Things to consider

I want to improve the internet speed at home

While the only way to actually speed up the internet connection in your home is to contact your service provider, you can make the most of the connection you have, as chances are you aren’t getting the best Wi-Fi speed and connectivity around your house

One of the easiest ways to do this is to replace the router with a faster one. If you’re using the router supplied by your service provider or haven’t upgraded in a while, it might not be suitable for HD media streaming, online gaming or be able to provide a stable connection to all your online devices at once. Look for one with a high AC speed rating for the fastest Wi-Fi currently available.

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I have an unstable connection at points around my house

If you can’t maintain a connection on your tablet while browsing upstairs and your Wi-Fi keeps dropping out so wireless streaming is unstable, a range extender or powerline kit can help. They both extend your wireless signal further into your home, but work best for different things.

Range extenders are great for improving a weak wireless signal and sending it further into your home. They don’t need setting up and are plug and play. Powerline kits are ideal for smart TVs and online gaming where you want a wired connection for fast broadband speeds. They turn any plug socket into a broadband point and saves you the hassle to cable around the house. Powerline kits come in wired and wireless variants.

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I have an old computer and want to make the most of my new router

The built-in wireless card on an older laptop or desktop won’t be able to make the most of AC-speed or dual-band routers. Wireless cards and adapter are rated just like routers, so look for one with the fastest rating as it will connect at the maximum speed to get the best Wi-Fi connection possible.

For laptops, a wireless adapter simply plugs into any spare USB port and improves the stability, range and speed of your Wi-Fi connection. While there’s nothing wrong with using a USB adapter with a desktop PC, most have space inside the case for a wireless card. They plug into a PCI-Express (PCIe) slot and deliver all the benefits of a USB adapter without taking up a port.

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I want to control the technology in my home using my smartphone, tablet and PC

With smart tech, your WiFi connection is much more than online shopping, social media and streaming media. Smart tech features plenty of ways to control the important things in your home using your smartphone, tablet or computer for complete convenience.

You can set your home’s heating from the office, adjust the lighting in seconds using your tablet or monitor your property from anywhere in the world. The possibilities are endless, so why not discover how to create a truly connected, modern home. To ensure you have the best Wi-Fi around the house for all your smart home control gadgets, upgrade to a Whole Home Wi-Fi system as it ensures complete Wi-Fi coverage and at the fastest speeds.

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