Samsung Smart TVs

Smart TV

Smart TVs

The ultimate entertainment hub.

Samsung Smart Hub

Smart Hub

Seamlessly access all your entertainment sources. Does your TV seamlessly blend a variety of content sources? Introducing the smartest TV on the planet. Quickly access the content you want to watch from a variety of input sources on the Smart Hub home screen. Watch your favourite TV shows using the TV guide, switch to view your favourite UHD box sets through Netflix, Amazon Instant Video* or catch up with shows you have missed through our catch-up content partners – all of this is doable without interrupting what you are currently watching and all from the Smart Hub home screen.

*Subscription for Netflix and Amazon Instant Video required. Apps shown may not be available on all Samsung Smart TV products. The Samsung Smart TV platform is used by Content Providers to make apps available. Content Providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop supporting them at any time. When new Samsung Smart TV products are launched, there may be a delay before the apps shown become available on those products.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming - Console free gaming

Does your TV open up the world of console-less video gaming? Who needs a games console when you can access a wealth of video games in the Cloud straight from your TV. Access a huge array of games without the need to invest in a console, play alongside your favourite football stars and race against the best racing drivers directly through your TV.

*Free Samsung SmartThings Extend USB adapter available within 2016, additional purchase necessary to connect other appliances to the TV. Compatible controller required on most games.

Samsung Smart Remote

Smart Remote Control

Access and control all devices with one remote* You can now access and control all your devices through voice recognition with our Premium Smart Remote which recognises the set top box, games console or alternative external device you have connected to your TV*.

*Not compatible with all input devices.

Samsung Smart View

Smart View

Connect and share photos, videos and content directly through your TV. Connect and share photos and videos and continue watching content from a variety of content partners including Netflix and Amazon Instant Video directly from your phone to your TV, whether this is an iOS or Android device, with a single press of a button.