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The best smart kitchen appliances you can get

Chores don’t have to be a bore! Switch your appliances to smart.


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Kitchen appliances have been going through a bit of a revolution in the last few years – from fridge doors you can knock on to see its contents (Hello LG InstaView!) to washing machines that let you add extra clothes even after you’ve started the cycle – like the Samsung AdWash. Tech is making old appliances smarter!

But the smartest appliances of all are the ones connected up to WiFi which means they can be controlled from your phone and smart home – even when you’re not home. From washing machines that will send you a message when they’ve finished their cycle to ovens you can adjust from your sofa, smart kitchen appliances can give you a whole new level of control with features to make your life easier.

Here's our guide to some of the best smart washing machines, dishwashers and ovens around. Plus the features to look out for.

What is a smart washing machine?

A smart washing can learn your laundry preferences and adjust its settings to match. Thanks to smart sensors and connectivity, smart washing machines can optimise water usage, how much detergent to use, energy efficiency and will even let you know when your laundry is done.

So, laundry days no longer mean camping out by the washing machine waiting for your load to finish. Plus, you can rest assured that your smart washing machine is picking the optimal settings for every wash – taking a load off your energy bills too.

The best smart washing machines

The best smart washing machines are easy to connect to the internet and your smart home, which then unlocks all kinds of features. Look out for:

Remote control – Smart washing machines will usually come with an app. Once set up, you’ll then have remote control for your washing machine! One great feature is letting you know when there’s a problem – i.e. cleaning a filter or a problem with the door. This can save you a lot of time trying to work out what’s going wrong.

Auto dosing - With an auto-dosing washing machine, you fill up a special detergent compartment ahead of time. Then when it’s time to do your wash, it automatically adds just the right amount of detergent by correctly weighing your washing.

You’ll find loads of helpful info in our Washing machine buying guide.

What is a smart dishwasher?

The switch from washing up to dishwasher is a huge labour-saving step up for any household. But smart dishwashers take things up a notch. Hook your smart dishwasher up to your smart home and you can control it through almost any WiFi connected device. Or even with your voice, if you have a smart assistant enabled.

And modern dishwashers can be more energy-efficient too, using sensors to determine just how dirty your dishes are and how much water and detergent are needed to get things squeaky clean.

The best smart dishwashers

The best smart dishwashers are easy to control with your voice or through an app and will even let you know when dishes are dry and ready to put away! Look for these smart features:

Find out when dishes are done – Smart dishwashers uses sensors to check on how your dishes are doing and when they’re dry. Then you’ll get a notification to let you know. The only thing they can’t do is put your plates away for you. Not yet anyway…

Get loading advice – Avoid arguments about the best way to stack dishes in the dishwasher! Hook up an app to your smart dishwasher and it’ll guide you through the best way to stack – like Hoover’s hOn app with their H-Dish 500 dishwasher.

Our Dishwasher buying guide can help you decide what dishwashers are the best.

What is a smart oven?

With all the latest tech packed inside, a smart oven lets you keep a virtual eye on your cooking from wherever you are. You can use your phone to preheat, adjust settings, and get updates on how your food is doing. So, no more burnt buns!

Plus, these clever ovens come with cool features like precise temperature control, automated cooking programs and even recipe suggestions. Our Cooker buying guide is a smart place to start.

The best smart ovens

The best smart ovens are like having a cooking wizard in the kitchen that can help you get your bakes and casseroles just right. Many combine oven remote controls with recipe books in handy app and install in a flash. Here are two clever features:

Guided cooking – Some smart ovens have apps that not only can suggest recipes but come with oven settings that you can send straight to your oven so it gets warmed up and ready to receive your oven tray or cake tin. Check out Samsung’s Series 4 for example.

Adjust your oven from your sofa – No more standing around the oven waiting to adjust the temperature. Got a roast that needs turning down? Whip out your phone while watching TV and you can change the temperature, mode or time without getting up. That’s what Sundays are for!

What next?

Want to put a bit more smart in your home and make life easier? Then check out the best smart home appliances around with our hassle-free guide.

We’re here to help

Smart appliances don’t need to be a headache to set up and get going. Our experts can install and connect your appliance for you.

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