Why outdated tech might cost you your business

We investigated how slow, outdated technology can impact productivity and performance in the workplace. Could it even cost you your business?

10 Dec 2019

Technology is firmly cemented in the running of our day-to-day life, from reaching for your phone first thing in the morning to making it a ritual to plug in your laptop so it charges overnight. And, the dependency of tech in the workplace is no different. Tech has become essential to the running of many industries, but what happens when tech starts to slow us down?

We conducted a study on workplace productivity to find out the true impact that outdated tech has on the average working day in businesses across the UK. With expert insights from Theo Priestley, a technology evangelist, we’ve gathered six reasons why slow and outdated tech may hinder your business:

  • Working hard or hardly working?

While technology’s main purpose is to save us time on everyday work tasks, the reality is that British workers lose an average of 46 minutes a day due to delays caused by outdated tech. This is just shy of 4 hours a week that booting up computers, searching for files and waiting for software programmes to open is costing businesses in the UK.

If over half a day a week is lost on menial tasks, how can we hope to achieve that 4-day work week ideal? While more and more companies are trialling the 4-day week, its success could be hindered, as 45% of the UK workforce admit they are using technology that is over 3 years old. If you want to offer your employees a better work-life balance, slow technology can work against you. Upgrading your tech before moving into a 4-day week can be beneficial to businesses; employees can get the same amount of work done in fewer days and spend more time doing the things they love outside of work (which may positively impact their work in the process).

Priestley agrees: ‘The ultimate goal is a 4-day working week; for technology to enable productivity gains to achieve the same amount of work in a shorter period. We can then give that time back to the employee to explore their creative side, spend more time with family, learn new skills outside of the workplace.’

  • Man vs machine

Modern-day technology is meant to help, not hinder people in the workforce. However, the survey revealed that 90% of Brits experience tech troubles in their place of work. To make things worse, 34% of people stated that they lose motivation when they have to wait on slow tech and 16% said that they go ‘old school’ and resort to writing things down in order to keep their train of thought going.

Regularly updating tech means you can increase the productivity of employees by reducing time wasted loitering around the IT department, passive-aggressively clicking the mouse or haphazardly jiggling wires in the hopes of reviving lost screens.

  • Resentment in the workplace

If these tech frustrations become a regular occurrence, resentment for the company can fester amongst the ranks. Priestley adds that, people like to feel empowered in their roles with the right tools that help them achieve their goals and add value to the organisation. They feel a sense of pride in completing work and see where this work fits into the overall business itself.’ People need the reassurance that the company they work for is properly supporting them to ensure they can get their jobs done as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. Investing in updated tech like an AMD Ryzen 5 laptop may not only improve productivity as it can handle all your day-to-day tasks with ease. Lagging software and applications will never be an issue with superfast technology.

  • Money down the drain

Our survey also discovered that the monetary cost of slow technology can stack up pretty quickly. For example, the simple act of booting up an average computer can chew up to 8.8 days of work, costing you on average £1,009 per employee a year. And that’s just getting the thing started.

Checking emails, opening work folders and getting equipment to work in meeting rooms sucks up to 24 working days when outdated tech is involved, costing businesses £2,752 a year. That’s quite a pretty penny! This unnecessary waste represents money that could have been funnelled into other places, such as newer technology like the AMD Ryzen processor which has a powerful CPU to help smash through big work projects and deadlines.

  • The butterfly effect

Money makes the world go around, but there’s more to it than losing pounds and pennies. Complications with outdated tech can lead to added pressures on an in-demand IT team. In fact, 1 in 5 people confirmed that their company’s IT department are always too busy to help out with everyday tech issues.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that nearly a quarter of workers stated they attempt to fix their IT problems themselves – taking up valuable time they could’ve spent working. These delays can mean that your employees can miss deadlines and might not have the time to completed work to the best standard – causing a load of other issues down the road.

  • Over and out

Sighs, moans and groans caused by losing work, programmes crashing and emails not opening can actually lead to employees handing in their notices. The survey revealed that 1 in 10 people would leave their job if outdated tech was a continuous issue. Low staff retention can be a costly issue with any business; the costs of repeatedly forking out for expensive hiring, on-boarding new employees and getting them up to scratch can add up fast. So, investing in state-of-the-art tech is can save you money in the long run.

Technology is definitely here to stay, and thanks to consistent innovation, it is evolving to help ensure efficiency in the office. It does mean as tech moves forward; businesses have to, too. Our research shows that keeping up to date with the most efficient tech means less time, money and work is lost – and as a bonus – leads to a much happier and less stressed workforce. Created with speed in mind, the AMD Ryzen 7 Laptop can help with bigger projects to get any job done without time wasted.

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