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Serious about gaming? For a broadband package that gives you an unbeatable gaming experience, here are a few things to consider:

  • Speed. Faster is better, especially if other people in your household are using the service at the same time for things like streaming TV and cloud gaming.
  • No limits. A broadband service with no data limits can handle all those full game downloads and console software updates.
  • No traffic Management. Look for a broadband package that doesn’t restrict your internet speeds during peak times. Major broadband suppliers like Sky, TalkTalk and BT use no traffic management, while other suppliers like Plusnet prioritises traffic for gamers.
  • Low latency and packet loss. You want the least amount of lag and stuttering during gaming (or even better, none at all), so go for fibre broadband. It delivers much lower latency than standard ADSL broadband.

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