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NINTENDO Amazing Spider-Man 2 - For 3DS
  • Age minimum 16+
  • Action-adventure
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Get ready to swing through the streets of Manhattan and tackle the tangled webs of crime and disorder that blight the city, in Amazing Spider-Man 2, for 3DS.Follow your spider senseAllowing players to experience a unique storyline that takes place alongside the events of the movie of the same name, what starts out as a quest to search for the killer of Uncle Ben quickly escalates into something that threatens to engulf the entire city in chaos.With an all-star cast of villains from the Marvel... Find out more

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VENOM DS Lite Power Supply
  • For Nintendo DS
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If you've lost your original power adaptor, help is at hand in the form of this Venom DS Lite Power Supply. Alternatively, why not keep one permanently at your workplace to recharge your Nintendo DS Lite for the journey home?The Venom DS Lite Power Supply has a convenient wall-wart style AC adapter and a 1.8-metre cable. By supplying 450 mA of current at 5 volts, this brilliant piece of equipment matches the requirements of your DS Lite. Find out more

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DISNEY Infinity Starter Pack for - 3DS
  • Age minimum 3+
  • Adventure
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The Disney Infinity Starter Pack for 3DS gives new meaning and depth to the word fun, with near-limitless adventures to be had with familiar Disney characters. Unlock the fun with Disney Infinity Figures This is your chance to take on the role of one of Disney's best-loved characters in a unique video game format. For the first time in video gaming, you'll be able to combine these familiar faces, worlds, gadgets, vehicles and more to build your own original stories, experiences and... Find out more

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The officially licensed Nintendo 3DS & 3DSXL Case provides perfect protection for your Nintendo games device, so you can take it everywhere you go with peace of mind.3DS safeguardThe trendy black case is designed to snugly cushion your device, shielding the games console from scratches, bumps and knocks.The Nintendo 3DS & 3DSXL Case sports a simple black design with a Nintendo logo, stylishly matching your Nintendo 3DS and 3DSXL device. Find out more

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LATEST NEWS! Coming soon to Currys online... the new Nintendo 3DS with ground breaking 5.3" screen with 3D technology. No glasses required!

Don’t let the small size of the Nintendo DS deceive you. Ideal for all ages, this hand-held gaming console plants palm-sized entertainment in your hands. With larger screens, a built-in camera and web browsing abilities, both the UK’s biggest-selling consoles - the Nintendo DSi and thinner Nintendo DS Lite - are forces to be reckoned with.

At Currys you can buy DS hardware in a rainbow of colours; choose from black, white, pink, red, blue, green and more! Our great-value bundles include consoles, games and accessories.

You’ll also find great Nintendo DS games for both the Lite and DSi from fun-packed best-sellers to sports and educational games.

Get the most from your Nintendo gaming with our range of  DS accessories. Whether you’re after headphones or a replacement DS stylus, you’ll find what you need right here. Perfect for protection on the move, we’ve even got coloured Nintendo DS cases to match your console.