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LATEST NEWS! Coming soon to Currys online... the new Nintendo 3DS with ground breaking 5.3" screen with 3D technology. No glasses required!

Don’t let the small size of the Nintendo DS deceive you. Ideal for all ages, this hand-held gaming console plants palm-sized entertainment in your hands. With larger screens, a built-in camera and web browsing abilities, both the UK’s biggest-selling consoles - the Nintendo DSi and thinner Nintendo DS Lite - are forces to be reckoned with.

At Currys you can buy DS hardware in a rainbow of colours; choose from black, white, pink, red, blue, green and more! Our great-value bundles include consoles, games and accessories.

You’ll also find great Nintendo DS games for both the Lite and DSi from fun-packed best-sellers to sports and educational games.

Get the most from your Nintendo gaming with our range of  DS accessories. Whether you’re after headphones or a replacement DS stylus, you’ll find what you need right here. Perfect for protection on the move, we’ve even got coloured Nintendo DS cases to match your console.