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Long live your tech

Trade-in. Recycle. Support. Repair.

We help tech live on and on. Our 1000’s of experts work their magic repairing your tech if it breaks down.

And, with trade-in and recycling, they can help your old tech find a new life, while you upgrade to something better. That way, we help the planet and your pocket too.

Take the chore out of laundry days with the right washing machine, tumble dryer or washer dryer made for you. And made for your home.

Which washing machine should I buy?

If you’re planning to slot your washer into kitchen cabinets, an integrated washing machine might be the perfect fit – packed with features but just the right size. If space isn’t issue (maybe you plan to keep it in the utility room) why not check out our choice of freestanding washing machines? To find out which size you need, we’ve even put together a handy measuring guide.

And while measuring up, think about drum size. If you live alone, then maybe a 7kg washing machine load capacity will suit you fine. Part of a big, active family? Then look for a large capacity washing machine that can handle the largest loads; up to 10kgs and even more!

Washing machine features to help with laundry day

Whatever you pick, you’ll find our big laundry appliances are packed with even bigger features. Steam cleaning gets to work on tough stains and removes nasties like allergens. You’ll save on ironing too. Quick wash lets you have small loads in as little as 15 minutes. And if you like to start and stop your wash from your phone, look for smart washing machines

But even little features make a big difference. Auto-dosing takes the guesswork out of wash day, adding just the right amount of detergent each time. Self-cleaning cycles keep your drum in top condition by removing build ups of detergent. Quiet washing machine performance means that your washing machine runs silently – so you can put a load on late without waking up the house! And that’s just for starters…

Did you know that your laundry appliances can help you cut down bills and be kinder to the planet while you do it? That’s what our Go Greener range is all about. They come with special eco mode cycles that help you reduce the amount of water and power you use for every wash.

Don’t know where to start? Then check out the helpful videos and advice on our washing machine buying guide?