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Keeping up with the ever-changing world of gaming can be a challenge – technological evolution is constant and innovative new gaming products emerge all the time. You need a gaming hub that showcases the latest consoles, gaming PCs and gaming accessories the moment they hit the market.

Welcome to the Currys gaming collection.

We aim to cover all the bases and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t yet know you’re looking for it.

Browsing our gaming range is a great way to discover new and exciting gaming products at competitive prices.

Whether you’re into the latest games consoles, like the much-hyped PS5 and Xbox Series X, or you’re an afficionado of specced out gaming PCs, our massive gaming range grants access to the all latest technology and a wealth of ingenious gaming accessories.

Console Gaming

Our console gaming collection covers all the major video gaming platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. After years of anticipation, Sony and Microsoft have unleashed their latest games consoles - the PS5 and Xbox X Series - so it’s an exciting time to be shopping for a new console. Performance specs are hitting new heights, enabling unprecedented load times, stunning graphics and lightning-fast gameplay.

PC Gaming

As any seasoned PC gamer knows, you need a quality gaming PC to experience the latest games as they were designed to be played. Our PC gaming range showcases an array of dedicated gaming machines from PC gaming specialists like Acer, Dell and Alienware.

Our collection of gaming PCs covers a broad range of price points and technical specifications, but they all have one thing in common – our gaming PCs are purpose built to present the latest games at their very best. Which means you can expect cutting-edge graphics cards and powerful processors that deliver fast, fluid gameplay and spectacular visuals.

Components and Upgrades

The beauty of a gaming PC is that you can upgrade it when you think it needs a bit more pep to keep up with the latest releases, Our regularly updated components and upgrades collection offers an extensive choice of graphics cards, memory, power supplies, motherboards and processors, allowing you to tweak your PCs performance whenever you think it may be flagging.

Gaming Accessories

Looking for a competitive edge? Why not take a tour of our gaming accessories. You may have the latest console or a gaming PC that boasts incredible specs, but you can always improve your experience with our selection gaming gear. The gaming accessories collection features the latest gaming furniture, including sleek desks and ergonomic chairs, as well as gaming controllers, keyboards and mice that will elevate your performance to the next level.

Virtual reality

Step into a truly immersive gaming experience with a virtual reality headset from Currys. Our collection features PlayStation VR headsets that present the latest console games in spectacularly involving virtual reality, as well as high-end headsets from the likes of Oculus and HTC that take home VR to the next level, delivering extraordinary 360 degree gaming experiences. Trust us, if you’ve been sleeping on VR, there’s never been a better time to take the plunge.