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Get Microsoft’s next-gen performance in the tiniest size ever with the Xbox Series S. Small is most certainly mighty with this clever console, which offers disc-free gaming and improved loading times.

With 512 GB storage there’s plenty of space to store all your favourite digital games. And thanks to backward compatibility, original Xbox, One and 360 games not only work on this new Xbox Series S, but work even better. Bonus. Need even more choice? Get yourself a Game Pass to have a library of over 100 games at your fingertips. As Velocity Architecture delivers fast rates up to 120 fps, you can look forward to fast, sharp graphics. Got a 4K TV? Then on those rare occasions when you put your controller down, you can stream 4K Ultra HD entertainment from your top apps, from Netflix to Prime Video.

Having an Xbox S vs X debate with your mates – or even inside your own head? Which console is best for you; the Xbox S or X? Feel confident in your decision once you’re compared the key differences. The Xbox Series X is bigger (both physically and storage-wise), faster and has a Blu-ray drive, but it’s also considerably more expensive. The Xbox Series S console is a clever choice if you want in on Microsoft’s next-gen action at a more affordable price point, and don’t mind being all-digital. If you want that 4K HD Blu-ray player at a cheaper price than the X Series, you might want to consider the Xbox One .

To get a cheap Xbox S Series it pays to hunt around for the UK’s best Xbox S deals. An Xbox S bundle is a savvy way to save money, too, but you can also choose your own Xbox games and Xbox controllers to build a custom collection.

The fastest. The most powerful. Yep, the Xbox Series X is sitting pretty at the top of Microsoft's current Xbox range. But what makes this next-gen gaming console so special? Let's break it down.

First up is its humungous storage. We're talking 1 TB. That's plenty of space to store digital titles. But thanks to the 4K UHD Blu-ray drive you can also play physical discs. That's a significant difference to bear in mind when comparing the Xbox Series X price with the Series S. There's a reason why this behemoth is at the top end. And why it's particularly important to search out the UK's best Xbox X deals, like you'll find here at Currys.

But what about my collection of games from older consoles? We hear you. And so does Microsoft. That's why the Xbox X Series has backward compatibility. Say what? Put simply, you can still play all your favourites from across four generations of Xbox - One, 360, you name it. And thanks to Xbox Velocity Architecture, they'll play (and look) even better on your new system. New games built for this new generation have considerably reduced load times. With frame rates of up to 120 FPS, you'll get the best visuals yet.

True 4K gaming resolution is truly striking. DirectX ray tracing immerses you in environments with ultra-realistic lighting, shadows and reflections. 3D Spatial Audio surrounds you with lifelike sound. Told you it was special.

Browse our vast range of Xbox games once you've popped the console in your basket. And while you're here, take a look at our latest Xbox controllers to complete your haul.

Need something at a more affordable price point? Take a look at the Xbox One, or the Xbox One S, which still has a 4K HD Blu-Ray drive to turn your console into a multimedia player.

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