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SteelSeries Alias vs. Alias Pro: which one's right for you?

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Streaming video games (and watching other people play them) is massively popular. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube let you beam your gameplay to millions of players around the world. Sharing your greatest moments from hectic multiplayer battles. Or just letting other gamers watch while you scare yourself silly in that creepy new horror title.

And you wont just need a camera and some screen recording software to capture that big jump scare. With a SteelSeries mic, you’ll record every swear and scream as you escape from the shambling zombie horde. Taking your production up a notch and giving your stream that extra bit of professional polish.

The SteelSeries Alias and SteelSeries Alias Pro are a great shout for this. Whether you’re an experienced streamer who wants to upgrade your setup. Or a complete rookie looking to jump into the streaming game for the first time. But how different really are they? Let’s talk…

SteelSeries Alias vs. Alias Pro specs

First things first. Let’s see how the two stack up side by side:

Specifications Alias Alias Pro
Capsule  1"/25mm ClearCast  1"/25mm ClearCast 
Mic connection  USB  XLR 
Type  Condenser  Condenser 
Mappable controls  No  Yes 
Dual PC capable  No  Yes 
RGB   On mic  On stream mixer 
Polar pattern  Cardioid  Cardioid
Resolution/sample rate  24 bit/48 KHz   24 bit/48 KHz 
Frequency response  50 Hz - 20 KHz  50 Hz - 20 KHz 
Max SPL   120 dB  120 dB 
Mic monitoring  3.5 mm headphone port  3.5 mm headphone port 
Quick controls  Microphone gain dial, mute button, headphone gain dial  Microphone gain dial, microphone mute button, programmable mute button, volume dial 
Weight  750g  720g
Includes  Desktop stand, USB-C to USB-A cable, boom arm adapter  Stream mixer, x2 USB-C to USB-A cables, XLR cable, power adapter, desktop stand, boom arm adapter 

What is a condenser microphone?

Time for a quick science lesson. A condenser mic converts sound waves into an electrical signal using a diaphragm and a backplate. They’re known for being really sensitive and can record incredibly detailed audio. Which makes them perfect for streaming as they’ll capture the tiniest nuances in your voice.

SteelSeries Alias

The SteelSeries Alias is built around a chunky capsule. Which is apparently 3x bigger than any other mic out there. And because it’s large, it’ll make your voice sound big and rich. So, all your fans can pick up every word while you talk them through your campaign. And hear you loud and clear, even when you’re whispering during a stealth section.

Nothing else will get in the way of your voice. AI noise cancellation completely blocks out any annoying, unwanted sound. When your next-door neighbour decides to start drilling into the wall at 8pm on a Sunday night, that irritating buzz won’t make it into the recording. Meaning you’ll be able to get on with your gaming. And they can put together their IKEA furniture. It’s a win win for everyone! Kinda…

While you play the mic is cradled in an anti-shock mount, which also keeps things nice and quiet. Especially when you leap up and knock the desk celebrating a last-minute goal in EA Sports FC 24. Or slam it after your mate has wiped the floor with you on Mortal Kombat 1. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

You don’t have to be a recording engineer to get the Alias up and running either. It connects to your PC or laptop through USB – making it literally plug and play. There’s no faffing about with tons of wires and settings here. And the same goes for the free to download Sonar app. This all-in-one streaming software makes audio mixing super simple – helping you get studio level results in a couple of clicks. You’ll be sounding like a pro in no time.


The Alias is just £179. So, if you’re a streaming newbie – and don’t want to shell out on a load of new kit just yet – it’s the perfect option. You’ll level up your audio, and still have some cash left over for a couple of new games.

SteelSeries Alias Pro

The Alias Pro shares pretty much all the features we’ve talked about on the standard Alias. But it also comes with some game changing extras that you’ll definitely want to check out.

First off, instead of a USB, you’ll hook everything up with an XLR cable. This is a music and audio industry staple. And it’ll give you even higher sound quality when you stream. After all, that’s why all the top bands, broadcasters and film studios use them. Everything is dead easy to set up as well. Plug it all in and it’ll work straight out of the box. You won’t be forced to read through endless pages of dull instructions to find out where that wire goes. So, don’t be intimidated by all the complicated looking parts.

Then there’s the Stream Mixer – a super simple audio interface that comes with the mic. Think of it like your mission control hub. With it, you’ll be able to tweak the volume of your microphone and the game sound coming from your PC. Stopping you from getting drowned out by all those massive explosions. Nice.

You’ll be able to keep an eye on your sound levels too. If you’re always shouting out orders to your squad mates, one of the knobs will flash red, telling you if your mic’s distorting. Quickly turn things down to save your viewers’ (and your team’s) ears. They’ll thank you!

A couple of buttons even let you quickly mute the sound from your mic. Which is ideal when mum starts shouting up the stairs to tell you your dinner’s ready. You definitely don’t want the stream to hear that…


Like the name suggests, it’s built for the professionals. It’ll cost more than the standard Alias (£319), but you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck here. After all, it pretty much turns your gaming room into your very own recording studio. How good does that sound?

Need a new game to play on your next stream? Ready up and hit the battlefield in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Or take Forza Motorsport for a spin and tear up the track in high octane races. And make sure to load up on more of SteelSeries’ legendary gaming gear right here.

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