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Laptop vs desktop: which is better?

When you’re choosing between a laptop or desktop, it all comes down to your lifestyle and needs.


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At first glance, it can be hard to wade through all the laptop and desktop options out there. But once you know what you’ll be using it for, things get easier.

And it’s not about one being better than the other; it’s all about you. If you’re constantly on the move or haven’t got any office space, a laptop will do the trick. But if a dual monitor setup or super-fast processing power matter more to you, a desktop may fit the bill.

So what is the difference between laptops and desktops? Check out our break down of the benefits to help you decide which one is more suitable for you.

Benefits of a desktop

Yes, they are usually bigger and heavier. But desktops are still the go-to computer for many people. For one, you can upgrade them endlessly. Or even build one from scratch. And it’s less likely you’ll accidentally drop it or step on it, so it can last for ages. Check out the benefits of desktop computers:

Screen size

The larger screen size of a desktop computer is ideal for multitasking. You can open more spreadsheets at once or keep windows open side-by-side. And for specialised tasks such as video editing and graphic design, you can get a full-size overview of what you’re working on.


The latest tech is usually available for desktops first. Plus, because desktop computers are bigger, they can pack more power.

On top of that, larger PC case sizes gives you more room for cooling loops and fans. So, keeping your top-end components nice and cool isn’t a problem.

Upgrading components

You can swap out the motherboard, GPU, CPU or fans and tweak to your heart’s content.

And since desktop cases are usually spacious, it’s easier to reach all the components to shuffle them around. So any future computer upgrades are super easy in most desktops.


When you’re battling it out in Call of Duty, having loads of RAM, storage space and CPU power can be a matter of life or death. And that’s where desktops really shine – you can get a gaming PC monitor, smooth graphics and blazingly fast speed, all in one.

Benefits of a laptop

Whether you’re working from home or binge-watching the latest Netflix series, laptops are ideal for on the go. Because of the small physical size of laptops, they’re easy to take with you on holiday.

And if you need to send an email from a coffee shop or attend a Skype interview from your hotel room, it’s all possible with a portable laptop.

Power usage

Laptops don’t need as much power since they’ve got smaller components. And if the power goes out, the battery kicks in, so there’s less chance that you’ll lose unsaved work.

What’s more, because they’re battery-powered, you can still send that important email even if there’s no wall socket in sight.


A laptop is easy to carry. You can pop it in your bag and take it anywhere. For that reason, students, business travellers, vloggers and anyone with a busy lifestyle may find a laptop more convenient.

Easy to set up

It usually takes a bit of extra work to set up a desktop computer. You have to find the best position on your desk, and you may need to connect the monitor with a separate cable. But with a laptop, you just plug it in and press the power button to get started.

Of course, the first time around, you’ll have to walk through the operating system setup. But after that, it’s as simple as making sure you’ve got a charging cable and perhaps a carry bag (if you’re fancy).

As with desktop computers, there are all sorts of laptops to choose from. Find out more: Laptop buying tips

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