Glowing Greens. It’s time to begin the post-Christmas detox and start the New Year with a healthy New You. We have all the tools and gadgets to help you create delicious healthy meals and juices as well as recipes and inspiration which will help beat the January blues. Below are our favourite healthy recipes.
  • Kitchen Machine

  • For the fluffiest cake mixtures and delicious doughs, take a look at our range of kitchen machines - the bakers best friend.

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  • Food Processor

  • Chop and slice everything in the blink of an eye with our range of food processors

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  • Hand Mixer

  • Whip up a little something with our range of hand mixers

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  • Bread Makers

  • Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread! Enjoy loaf after loaf, fuss free, with our breadmakers.

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  • Hand Blender

  • Soup in seconds? Be a kitchen whizz with our hand blenders

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  • Blender

  • Turn your kitchen into a Smoothie bar with our range of blenders

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  • Juicer

  • Feeling the squeeze? Make healthy fruit and vegetable drinks with our juicers

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  • Kitchen Accessories

  • For the icing on the cake, check out our range of kitchen accessories!

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    Use your new kitchen appliance to make exciting, fresh and delicious food at home.

    Create, have fun, learn and taste - kitchen appliances are designed to be used every day. There's so much you can do with small kitchen appliances you'll be amazed at how quickly your cooking confidence grows.

    Rustle up quick and refreshing drinks with a juicer, create tantalising fried treats with your fryer and produce delectable sauces with your processor. With the right appliances you can achieve professional flavours with a minimum of effort.

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