Washing machine capacity guide

While it can be tempting to use all the space in your washing machine’s drum, there are a few reasons why overfilling it isn’t a good idea…  

09 Jan 2019

Is overloading your washing machine really that bad?

There are a couple of reasons why overfilling your washing machine is a bad idea.

  • Your laundry won’t clean properly – if there isn’t enough room for the clothes to move around, the machine won’t be able to wash them as thoroughly.
  • Overloading the machine could damage it – it might not feel like too much weight when it goes into the machine, but just imagine how heavy it will be when it’s soaking wet. Too much weight can unbalance the machine and affect its performance over time.

Take a look at our handy guide below to help you understand how much weight your machine can handle...

Capacity -infographic _small


Choosing the right drum size

When you’re on the lookout for a new washing machine, always bear in mind that drum sizes are measured in weight of dry clothes.

The most common sizes are between 7 and 8kg. These are ideal for average family-sized loads, but what you need will depend on what you’re washing and how often you’re washing it.

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Small (5-7kg) 

Why not try: the Hoover DHL1672D3 - perfect for small households.

Hoover DHL1672D3

Whether you’re washing the odd small load or a stack of work clothes, this machine has some clever features that make it a breeze to program.

It has a feature called ‘KG mode’ which weighs your laundry and adjusts the cycle time, water and power consumption – saving you both time and money!

It’s got some handy smart features too. Pair your Android phone or tablet with your machine using the Hoover Wizard app to control it from your device. The app also gives you washing tips and handy maintenance updates.

Get the Hoover DHL1672D3


Medium (8kg)

Why not try: the Hoover DXOCG8AC3 – ideal for the growing family.

Hoover DHL1672D3

With its large 8kg drum and excellent cleaning power, this washing machine is perfect for any family home.

It comes with Hoover’s exclusive ‘All In One Wash’ technology built-in, which means you can wash whites and bright colours together without worrying about colours running or fabrics ruining.

The All In One 59 minute programme is perfect for busy households. It can wash a full load in under an hour - up to 40 shirts or 8 large towels.

Get the Hoover DXOC68AC3


Large (9-10kg)

Why not try: the Hoover AXI AWMPD610LH08 – for the big family that’s always on the go.

If your family is active and outdoorsy, the 10kg drum on this Hoover washing machine will really help you stay on top of all that laundry.

It’s not just big either, it’s smart too! It comes with Active Care Technology which creates the perfect mix of water and detergent to give you the best possible cleaning results. All you need to do is fill up the ‘Care Dose’ container with liquid detergent and the machine will work out exactly how much it needs to use to get the best results – clever stuff!

You can control, monitor and manage your washing machine with your smartphone, too, using its Advanced Connectivity. You can even control it using Google Assistant or Alexa through the Hoover Wizard app.

Get the Hoover AXI AWMPD610LH08


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