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Now that PCs do so much more than just day to day computing tasks, you may decide to upgrade your computer screen to something bigger and more versatile, especially if you enjoy gaming or watching movies on your computer. We have some stunning PC monitors in widescreen sizes from 18.5 inches right up to 30 inches!

With popular brands such as Apple, Acer, Packard Bell, HP and Samsung, the Currys range of monitors offers advanced features that include 3D-ready and full HD displays, HDMI networking, integrated speakers and superior viewing angles and contrast ratios.

We also supply a range of projectors for both work and pleasure. As a presentation tool, a projector is an excellent way to hold the attention of a large audience. Alternatively you might want to create your own home cinema. Our projectors are sourced from leading manufacturers including Optoma, Sony and Epson, and you can choose one of our projector screens to complete the set-up. Of course, if you need accessories we also supply projector cables and universal remote controls.