The right keyboard can improve your typing and speed up tasks. If you type a lot, mechanical keyboards are really responsive. Choose a wireless keyboard if you don’t want to be tied to one spot, and go for a gaming keyboard if you’re a serious player.


Using the right mouse helps with your comfort and productivity. Think about what you’ll use it for. A wireless mouse is perfect for taking your laptop to the office, and a good gaming mouse can give you that extra edge.


For reliable power at home, and speedy charging on-the go, think about adding new power and cables to your setup. There are lots of ways of keeping powered up, including specialist Apple chargers and extension cables for multiple devices.

Power and cables

Film buff? Music lover? With an external CD, DVD and Blu-ray drive you can watch your favourite films and albums any time you want. Just plug it into your computer port and you’re good to go.

CD, DVD, & Blu-ray drives

If you’re a budding artist, graphic designer or creative type, why not go for a graphics tablet? They let you draw straight onto the screen with the natural feel of pen and paper, giving you amazing accuracy and great looking results.

Graphics tablets

It’s important that your headset and mics are up to the job. For long meeting calls, go for the comfort of over-ear headphones. If you move around a lot, a wireless headset might be best. There are lots of great gaming headsets too.

Headsets and microphones

Pick up a pair of PC speakers and give your audio a boost. You’ll feel more immersed in movies and music, and your gaming experience will be improved with better sound effects. And if you work from home, you’ll hear every word in every Zoom or Teams call.

PC speakers

If you want to make video calls from your home office, or stay in touch with your far-off family and friends, you’ll need a good webcam. Webcams are quick to install and easy to use, so you’ll be up and running in no time.


A good mouse mat or mouse pad gives you a smoother mouse performance. Along with wrist rests, they can also prevent discomfort and wrist strain. If you’re a gamer, the right gaming mouse pad can seriously improve your scores.

Wrist rests, mouse mats and pads

Keep your laptop looking sharp and scratch-free. Grab a stylish laptop case or screen protector, and give your tech the protection it deserves – when it’s at home, or out with you on your travels.

Laptop cases and screen protectors

Things to consider when buying computer accessories

For an instant upgrade to your standard computing kit, go for a good quality wireless mouse. It really frees you up, and you should notice an immediate improvement in accuracy and responsiveness.

Chloe, Currys tech expert

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