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PC gaming has got to be the most flexible, customisable and varied type of gaming there is. Gaming desktops have a ton of processing power that loads up games incredibly quickly. And with a solid graphics card you’ll be able to get the most stunning graphics and gameplay. Plus, if you’re handy enough to do it, you can build your gaming PC from scratch or upgrade it as you go.

But let’s not forget about gaming laptops. No longer the poorer cousin of the gaming PC, modern gaming laptops pack a serious punch. They’re also getting more and more affordable. So it’s easier than ever to get a laptop that can handle intense gaming marathons as well as all your everyday tasks.

You can also mix and match accessories to your heart’s content. Want mind-boggling visuals? Check out gaming screens. Want to pull off lethal combos in a flash? Gaming keyboards can help. Or maybe you want every swipe to really count? We’ve got gaming mice for that. Plus there are a whole load of other bits and bobs – from controllers to headsets to chairs – that will take you to the next level.