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Why choose a health fryer?

There's a bunch of good reasons to buy a health fryer. They use less oil, you can use them for an array of ingredients and they're also quick at cooking. Perfect for anybody watching their health or in need of a quick meal. Health fryer's will circulate air like conventional ovens so you can be confident you'll get your ingredients evenly cooked.

When it comes to hygiene they're also pretty easy to keep nice and clean so you won't find yourself scrubbing away. With multiple capacities and special features like controlling the cooking time through the app, you can find an air fryer that most suits your busy life.

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Which cooker is best for you?

It’s all going to come down to how you cook. Multi-cookers can be useful with a whole range of culinary tasks, slow cooking to rice cooking, vegetable steaming and even frying, multi-cookers can save you some precious time after a long day at work. They could also come in handy if you need to do some meal prep for the week.

If you just need to do some simple frying or slow cooking for example, it may just be worth you investing in one of our health fryers, slow cookers etc. If you know what you’re going to be doing in the kitchen, you’ll find it easier to understand what you need.

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Our range of small cooking appliances will help you produce the perfect meal for you and your family with minimal effort. Ideal for busy families, young professionals or anyone who simply doesn't want to be in kitchen for extend periods of time.

From multi cookers, slow cookers, air fryer's and grills, you can achieve the ideal meal without even switching on your oven. Perfect for anyone who wants a quick meal so they can get on with other things around the house. They all have easy cleaning features so you don't need to be at the sink scrubbing away to get things clean, you can simply put most things in the dishwasher or even take out compartments to wash in the sink, it's easy and convenient.

We also stock a range of bread makers, steamers, sandwich toasters and rice cookers, making the possibilities endless to what you can create in the kitchen without taking a masterclass in baking first.